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Best-One Retreading

Who We Are...

Who we are:

Bandag logoOur vision is Creating Raving Fans® by offering our customers the highest quality Bandag retreads and tire support systems available. Since 1971 we have worked extensively with our customers to gain a firm understanding of their operating conditions.

Best-One Retreading is the primary retread support for all Best-One Tire & Service locations.

Best-One Retreading is the primary retread support for all Best-One Tire & Service locations, and currently we are one of the largest independent retreaders in North America. We combine our tire retreading expertise with Bandag’s to provide products and services that save our customers time and money.

Retread tires perform like new. And not only are they made of state-of-the-art compounds to resist wear and tear, but they cost significantly less than new tires. Think retreading is right for you? Visit Bandag’s Wheel Position Analyzer to see just how much you can save.

Raving Fans® is a registered trademark of The Ken Blanchard Companies. The book, Raving Fans, was written in 1993 by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, and published by William Morrow. For more information about Raving Fans and/or The Ken Blanchard Companies, please visit www.kenblanchard.com Used herein with permission.


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RETREAD MYTHS - Retread Instead!

Still believe those old wives’ tales about retreads? If so, you’re falling for an expensive load of baloney. Today’s retread is a new breed, helping savvy business owners get new tire performance at a fraction of the price. Most major truck fleets are on board, as are most airlines, construction companies, farmers and even school buses. Safety, durability, mileage and performance are all there, at less than half the cost of new tires. The main reason to rethink retreads is a simple one – you can’t afford to let old myths mess with your tire budget. In fact, the more you know about retreads, the more they just make sense.

The Many Myths:

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MYTH #1:  Retreads litter our roads. 
FACT: Those rubber gators on the road with all the wire? Not often retreads.

There’s one way to determine if rubber scraps on the road are retreads. Look closely. Many of those gators contain wire. And there’s no wire in the rubber retreaders use. In fact, the scrap rubber you see is almost always the result of a casing failure, not a retread failure.


MYTH #2:  They’re not safe
FACT: Here’s a testament to safety: nearly every major airline trusts retreads.

Today’s sophisticated retreads are nothing like their predecessors. In fact, they’re so safe, school bus fleets rely on them. Even fighter jet pilots count on them. And you can imagine the stress jet tires undergo on takeoffs and landings. Nearly 80 percent of all aircraft tires now in service in the United States are retreads, according to the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.


MYTH #3:  They’re ugly.
FACT: In a blind beauty contest, most truckers can’t tell the difference.

The appearance of a finished retread has a lot to do with the skill and thoroughness of the retreader. That’s why truckers choose high-performance retreads, like Bandag, that have the quality looks of a new tire. When you add up all the scrap tires retreads save from landfills, they’re actually a thing of beauty.


MYTH #4:  Only new will do. 
FACT: For some, “newness” is important. But remember, retreads last as long as most new tires.

You can expect today’s new breed of retreads to perform equal to, if not better than, a quality new tire. And they’ll certainly outperform a cheap one. Proof it never pays to skimp. Retreads sell for less – usually between 30 to 50 percent of the comparable new tire price.


MYTH #5:  They’re mileage munchers. 
FACT: A quality retread delivers mileage on par with many new tires. Hit the road, “myth.”

Just as new tire mileage varies widely, so does retread mileage. The reason is due to a complex mix of tread compounding, tread weight, tread design and casing structure. That’s a lot to think about.

MYTH #6:  Bad tread, bad casing.
FACT: A casing can still be good long after your tread wears.

A tire casing doesn’t wear out like a tread does. So with proper maintenance you can expect to get multiple lives out of a quality casing. The key is using a “quality” casing, like Bridgestone. Professional retreaders adhere to stringent industry practices at every step of the retreading process.


MYTH #7:  They plain don’t perform. 
FACT: Try telling that to the top competitors at major U.S. on and off-road races.

High-quality retreads have taken all the punishment that professional off-road races could dish out. They’ve also run grueling 24 hour races and even cruised to over 150 mph on a heavy truck at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Retread truck tires save the trucking industry over $3 billion each year, according to the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.


MYTH #8:  Heat kills ‘em.
FACT: The notion that retread bonds will fail on hot days? An old wives’ tale.

Sure, heat can ruin any tire, new or not. Few would argue that. But in most cases that heat is due to underinflation. That’s why proper inflation is so important, no matter what kind of tire you’re running.

Source: Randall-Reilly Business & Media Information – 2012 in conjunction with Bridgestone Bandag LLC©2012 Bridgestone Bandag, LLC.

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