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All batteries deteriorate with age, including automotive batteries. If your truck or car battery is showing signs of age, or if you’d just like to have it evaluated for your own peace of mind, Best-One is here to serve you.

How much should I expect to pay for a new automotive battery?

Automotive batteries come in different grades that are suited to different driving conditions; specialty and luxury automotive batteries generally cost more. Your local Best-One will install your new truck or car battery and recycle your previous battery as part of your new battery installation.

How long does an automotive battery replacement take?

Automotive battery replacement is typically a same day service—usually an hour or less after you check in—so you can get back on the road quickly. As with any service, we recommend you make an appointment to get in and out as quickly as possible.

What we do:

  • Battery performance testing
  • Replacement with Best-One, Interstate batteries, or other major brands
  • Lawn & garden battery replacements
  • Tractor battery replacements
  • Free recycling of old batteries
  • Starter replacements
  • Alternator replacements
  • Courtesy vehicle service inspection
  • Rebates on new batteries (as available)

When do I need a new truck or car battery?

All batteries deteriorate with age, including your truck or car battery. Although new automotive batteries typically perform well during their first three to five years, battery life can be shortened by hot or cold weather, driving conditions, and your driving habits. At Best-One, we recommend a truck or car battery replacement every three years for optimum performance. At a minimum, we recommend you have your battery evaluated every year beginning at its 3-year mark. To know your battery’s age, you can check the “born on date” on the top of your battery.

It’s best to stay ahead of battery replacement, but there are also some indicators that you should have your auto battery evaluated immediately:

  • You frequently drive in short trips (less than 20 minutes)
  • Your car is subjected to extreme temperatures
  • Your engine is slow to crank
  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your battery fluid level is low
  • Your battery case is swollen or bloated
  • You smell rotten egg around the battery
  • Your battery is more than 3 years old according to its “born on date”

Schedule an Automotive/Car Battery Replacement Near You

At Best-One Tire & Service, we want every customer to walk away from their service experience and tell others why they are Raving Fans of Best-One. When you choose Best-One for an automotive battery replacement near you, we’ll do our very best to deliver the service you need, at a competitive price, from people who treat you like family.