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Exhaust Pipe & Muffler Repair

Your muffler and exhaust pipe work to quiet the noise from your engine, protect you and the environment from pollution, and keep your car running efficiently. When your exhaust system isn’t working properly, it can cause harmful fumes to leak into the passenger compartment of your car. That’s when Best-One is here to help.

What we do:

  • Exhaust pipe repair
  • Muffler repairs
  • Muffler replacements
  • Catalytic converter repair

How much should I expect to pay for an exhaust pipe muffler repair?

Exhaust pipe and muffler repair prices vary based on a few different factors, including the type of muffler on your vehicle and the nature of the repair. Repairing the exhaust system on your vehicle is essential to ensuring your safety while driving, so we’ll work with you to determine what service is needed.

How long does an exhaust pipe or muffler repair take?

Exhaust pipe or muffler repairs at a Best-One Tire & Service location are typically same-day services. Please schedule an appointment in advance so our team can provide you with the most efficient service.

When do I need a muffler and exhaust pipe repair?

Your vehicle’s muffler was designed to quiet the loud noises coming from the engine. The exhaust system also helps move the flow of gases away from the engine. These components are essential to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle, but most people notice the noise coming from a broken muffler before they notice the fumes.

Many vehicles will never have a need for a muffler or exhaust pipe repair, but there are some warning signs which may indicate that it’s time for service:

  • You notice increased engine noise
  • You see a decrease in fuel economy
  • You hear loud rumblings
  • Your engine temperature gauge shows a high temp after running for a few minutes
  • You see holes or major rust spots on the muffler
  • You feel vibrations in the steering wheel or gas pedal
  • Your dashboard check engine light is on

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At Best-One Tire & Service, we want every customer to walk away from their service experience and tell others why they are Raving Fans of Best-One. When you choose Best-One for an exhaust pipe or muffler repair near you, we’ll do our very best to deliver the service you need, at a competitive price, from people who treat you like family.